The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Independent Schools' Wellbeing Conference

Full presentation deck and research links  from DRUK / Optimus Education Independent Schools Wellbeing Conference. ‘Growing Up Digital’ looks at the evidence on young peoples’ behaviours online and gives practical strategies on how to create positive digital cultures.

Corona Virus - Home Learning UK Resources

In the current climate of remote learning, we are curating some of the best free resources from around the web to facilitate learning. We recommend Home Learning UK  as a resource hub. Below are some key guides, micros-sites and links. Please get in touch via contact form for specific advice.

Microsoft Teams Environment

Useful resources for deploying Microsoft teams to support Home Learning

1. Teams for Education PDF Guide (Infographic)

2. Teams for Education: Jump Start via this You Tube Channel

3. Teams – Personal online course – learn by doing

4. Teams – remote learning in secondary schools

DRUK Cheat Sheets – infographics for running home learning with iPad/Teams. Download PDFs



Showbie is the leading provider for digital learning workflows outside ‘the big 3’. Showbie is an intuitive teahing and learning tool that lets staff set and mark digital work. Free subscriptions to pro accounts are available. 

Google For Education

Google Teach from Home hub site

Resources for rapid deploying Google Classroom, Hangouts and associated Google for education can be found on  Covid 19 Support Resources  microsite

Check out the Google Teacher Centre for comprehensive set of  online courses 


Apple Teacher Learner Centre is the best place to head to pick up all the skills you need to deliver remote lessons from native iPad apps. Using iOS and an iPad it is possible to generate all teacher instruction videos, conduct real time communication via FaceTime, share and markup resources, collaborate in real time. 

Remote learning for institutions and educators – an app collection for free or very cheap iOS apps designed to enable remote learning for all students.

Online Safety

Interim guidance for safeguarding  in remote learning context and what it means for Keeping Children Safe in Education

National Online Safety have given free access to all #wakeupwednesday infographic materials to support parents 

South West Grid For Learning have put together guidance and a useful podcast:  safeguarding considerations for remote learning

Free App and Platform Giveaways

Comprehenisve home learning resource list from Chatterpack



7 Strategies BETT Presentation

7 Strategies to Drastically Improve Online Safety‘ talk BETT 2020

In this session Hamish curates the current landscape of risk and looks at 7 practical strategies that schools, teachers and parents can adopt to improve online safety. Hamish shares success stories of positive engagement and signposts the best free resources available for schools in this area. Participants leave with a toolkit of ideas and practical approaches.


Digital Resilience UK supports schools with holistic approaches to digital strategy and online safety. We prepare students for digital lives.  Find out more