Reach Teach Talk Podcast

DRUK contribute to the global conversation on effective strategies for remote learning as a result of the Covid-19 global educational disruption. 

The episode looks at the importance of growth mindset and collective learning when transitioning institutions to remote learning.

A Brave New World
Independent Education Today

A Brave New World –  The impact of remote learning on fee paying schools and the financial imperative  for action. By providing a comprehensive service, independent schools can be seen to be proactive, resilient and responsive.

Remote Learning: Making the Transition

Advice on the  on the practical steps and policy considerations needed to implement a remote learning programme

Uncharted Waters

Keeping the Show on the Road

Managed Service in Schools

Towards a Cohesive Approach?

Independent Education Today

Discussion piece on current landscape of risk and effective methods for changing user behaviour to build more resilient schools.

Edtech 50

National award for pioneering approach to online safety and technology integration

‘The approach to the use of technology, is comprehensive and ambitious. The school aims to make learning as relevant, contemporary, contextualised and as interesting as possible. Technology is seen as a key to achieving this, along with traditional teaching pedagogy.’

The school highlights its use of augmented reality to build an immersive art installation to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice, and separately, its comprehensive approach to online safety and institutional progression. It strives for excellence in the use of EdTech. Mobile learning has been significant in the development of teaching and learning for over six years.  

The School is an Apple Regional Training Centre, and is recognised as a national ‘Beacon of Good Practice’ via the 360 degree safe online safety award. Judges were impressed with the Key Stage 3 ‘Compass’ subject that  comprises a carousel of digital skills, coding, creativity, workflows and problem solving exercises to develop digital literacy.

For one judge, this is a fantastic example of a school that ‘doesn’t just know why it is using tech in teaching and learning, but can point to its success in rising attainment and indeed has won awards for its work.

TES Innovation Award Shortlist

Boarding Schools Association

The Royal Hospital School has gained recognition for its focused approach to the use of technology in teaching and learning and the resulting positive impact on educational outcomes. The Awards, launched at the House of Lords on 8 May 2019, celebrated effective and impactful use of Edtech in the UK, along with individuals who have played a leading role in its development.

Insight Magazine

A thought-piece for HMC Insight magazine on the value of gaming in education.