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We work with partners to increase our impact and broaden our support

Cairneagle Associates

Cairneagle Associates support businesses, education institutions and other organisations with strategic decision making. 

Cairneagle projects span the full spectrum from strategy to operations and implementation with a strong focus on education. They support the growth of educational businesses in multiple markets worldwide.  

Digital Awareness UK

DAUK are a leading digital wellbeing agency that produce pioneering education resources.

One is a YouTuber, who’s digital following led her to deliver TV documentaries and work with online influencers such as Zoella, the other has managed brands such as Barclays, Dove and Coca-Cola on social media.

Their love for technology coupled with their passion for combatting issues such as cyberbullying, sexting and addiction led them to create Digital Awareness UK.

Today they have a team of tech savvy bloggers, hackers, YouTubers and developers who are on the ground in schools every day inspiring young people to be safe and responsible online.


Jigsaw24 are a major supplier to the UK education market. They specialise in Apple mobile learning deployments and offer an end-to end solution supply and management of mobile learning environments.