Wood Ley School

Digital Resilience UK supported Wood Ley Primary School on their journey to implement a full mobile learning programme. Initial stages involved defining a vision, building a deployment strategy and working with teachers and leaders to build confidence in teaching and learning with iPads. 

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Training quickly moved towards practical lesson design and implementing core iPad workflows that can increase accessibility, save time and reduce teacher workload.

DRUK assisted in choice and set-up of cloud infrastructure before deploying iPads in to the upper phase of the School. Demo lessons were delivered to each class in the school, followed by team-teaching utilising a coaching and mentoring philosophy.


Defining goals and strategic planning


Research-driven technology integration


That puts teaching pedagogy first


Implementing change


Demo lessons alongside teachers


Sustainable progression

A key priority for the school was updating the computing curriculum and building new opportunities for students to code outside traditional computer rooms. DRUK supported the deployment of Swift Playgrounds and connected devices to bring coding alive for students. 

6 months in to the project, Wood Ley doubled the number of devices deployed in the school due to the positive take-up and feedback from staff, students and parents. The school is now planning a redevelopment of traditional computer room spaces due to adoption of cloud infrastructure and use of mobile devices for traditional ICT tasks.